Training Class Sneak Preview

Our one-day training class schedule for 2010 continues to firm up.  We are revamping the material based on feedback from attendees in 2009.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the content for 2010:

PROFIBUS classes are relatively unchanged, but we’re going to shorten the introduction.  People don’t come to hear about the organization.  We are making the architecture explanation more comprehensive to explain how PROFINET and PROFIBUS fit together and how other buses can be integrated.  Wireless has a place in this architecture, too.

We’ve eliminated the distinction between discrete and process PROFIBUS classes.  The content was virtually identical anyway.  So this year the PROFIBUS classes explicitly include discrete and process automation.  The fact that PROFIBUS handles both types of application has always been one of PROFIBUS’ strengths.

PROFINET classes are getting some major changes.  Last year we focused on introducing attendees to PROFINET concepts and applications; this year we’re focusing on using PROFINET.  This year when students leave they’ll be ready for their first PROFINET project.  (Of course, we recommend the 4-day PROFINET Certified Network Engineer class for more depth.)

Take a look at the class schedule and plan to come to the class nearest you!