Train up an engineer in the way he should go…

Train up an engineer in the way he should go… to fracture Proverbs 22:6 KJV.  Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernets are not your father’s connectivity means.  There are many benefits to using them, but you need to understand them.  Training is the answer… as I was reminded by my colleague from down under, Rafael Koenig in Investment in skills required to support Fieldbus systems.

A couple years ago I outlined a progression through training opportunities that PI North America offers.  Many of these are offered elsewhere in the world, too.  This progression was prompted by question at a PROFINET one-day training class in Toronto, so titled “Not Enough Detail in Toronto.”

Since then, Phoenix Contact has launched E-Learning for PROFINET in Automation technology and PI has started web-based training on PROFINET.  And for the ADD-sufferers, we now have MinutePROFINET.

–Carl Henning