The PROFIBUS Stops in Calgary

One of our privileges as PTO staffers is speaking at PTO members’ events.  Manny recently returned from Calgary with this report:

Last week in Calgary, Alberta Canada the PTO was a guest speaker at a Siemens event called “Catch the Process Fieldbus.”  The event was a huge success.  Registrations maxed out at 164 attendees for the only PROFIBUS PA Training Class in the Alberta area this year.

This class was hugely significant as it demonstrated the extreme demand for knowledge about PROFIBUS.  The audience was extremely well-qualified, and asked some very demanding questions of main presenter James Powell.  He fielded more than his share of both technical and theoretical questions, with every question leading to the audience wanting to learn more about PROFIBUS.

As I walked through the crowd of attendees I noticed that there was a tremendous showing from the Water and Wastewater community.  After speaking with some of these individuals it became very clear that there is a huge demand in Alberta Wastewater for PROFIBUS connectivity.  Plants know that they need to upgrade to PROFIBUS in order to interface with evolving systems and build a stable architecture for future upgrades.  Scalability and cost of implementation were primary concerns for almost everyone that I spoke with.  PROFIBUS definitely has a well documented history proving why it is the fieldbus of choice for more than just the discrete industry. 

Manny and James
PTO’s Manny with James Powell

[A reminder for those wanting to know more: come to a Certified Network Engineer class or, at least, check out the archived webinars.  And don’t forget James’ book.]

I had spoken earlier this year at ABB’s Automation and Power World and will speak on October 20 at a Siemens event in Minneapolis: “Answers for Industry.”  Then on October 21, Hunter and I will conduct another of our free PROFINET one-day training classes in Minneapolis.

Reminder to PTO members: let us know if you want us to speak at your event.  We are happy to talk about PROFIBUS and PROFINET… or automation or fieldbuses or integration or blogging or …

–Carl Henning