The Next Chapter

It’s time for Carl to retire; he hit 70 a couple months ago and as much fun as PI North America has been, it’s time to reluctantly move on. It’s been fun.

So, it’s time for Carl to focus on the next chapter, but it’s a time to look at past chapters just a little:

Over 50 years working in manufacturing, Five Decades in Automation. Yep, started as a teenager while working my way through college.

Over 23 years around PROFIBUS and PROFINET – first on the Board of Directors, then since 2005 as Deputy Director of PI North America.

Twelve years of PROFINEWS starting with PROFINEWS North American Edition, then the combined version. Managing, writing, editing, and reluctant, amateur “featured image” creator.

Blogging for 11 years, usually once a week on Tuesday. Lots of news and gossip. Occasional flashes of my alleged humor. Occasionally off topic, but engineering related.

Nine years of Tweeting: @AllThingsPROFI, four times a day these days.

Instructing at countless PROFINET (and PROFIBUS) one-day training classes over the last 12 years. This is the part I will miss the most – sharing in person about technology.

Now about that next chapter: having moved many times, my wife and I have friends from coast to coast and, through PI, over the water. Our kids and grandkids are widely scattered too. Twelve grandkids from 12 to 24. So, road trips are in our future. I have a hobby now – I’ve taken up photography (translation: I bought a nice camera and may someday know what all the settings are for). I have a hankering to see many of the National Parks… and take pictures… and start a travel blog.

August 31 is my last work day and I plan to leave industrial automation behind. Having been involved with it my whole adult life I will miss it.

So, farewell all. I hope you enjoy what you’re doing as much as I’ve enjoyed doing all this stuff. It’s been fun!

–Carl Henning