I hope that the first place you come to for news of PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and IO-Link is here on the PROFIblog. Because it is informal here, I can more quickly present information here. And sometimes in more detail than in other venues; for example, the reports from trade shows gets more detail here.


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Formal news appears in PROFINEWS, first on, then condensed and highlighted in an email to PROFINEWS_v2_Icon230,000 subscribers. Now there is another venue for PROFINEWS: PROFINEWS, the App. It will be updated at the same time that the website is updated, several days at least before the email is sent. The text and embedded images are downloaded to your device so you can read it offline.

Wait, you say, the App is not new. True, but this is a new version from the ground up. And while the content will be updated only when the articles go live (for now), it will carry the complete news and embedded photos. What you can’t see is that we have tightly integrated it into, vastly simplifying our work behind the scenes. (The old version required copying and pasting into a non-WYSIWYG editor.)

If you had the previous version on iPhone or Android, the app should have automatically updated to the newest version. If you have an iPad, you will have to manually delete the old version and download the new. You can do that by clicking here.

If you have never downloaded the app, now is the time. Clicking here will take you to the appropriate location based on the device you are reading this on.

My completely unbiased view is that you should download the app now! (At least I would be unbiased if I were not editor of PROFINEWS.)

–Carl Henning