The Fun Begins

General Assembly Meeting week is off to a roaring start.  The PROFIsafe Developer Class has concluded and we’re now into the PROFIsafe User Overview Class. 

We took most of the developer class to downtown Cave Creek for dinner at The Satisfied Frog.  It’s always fun to get together in an informal setting and talk about work and not work.  I sat with three guys from Milwaukee so found out a lot about the city’s ethnic and music festivals.

I was able to sit in on most of the class yesterday and learned a lot.  The presenter from TUV introduced us to the mix of standards organizations and standards numbers.  Whew!  Hopefully time will permit me to expand on the classes, but now I’m late for several meetings.

One of our links is to other industrial blogs: Links.  One of those links is to the blog of PTO member ProSoft.  They have a lot of PROFIBUS products and I’ll hear about more of them when we visit at the General Assembly Meeting tomorrow.