Tech Tip Roundup – Updated

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Why Does PROFINET Need an IP Address?

Since PROFINET uses TCP/IP (albeit not for real-time data), it needs an IP address. Read the more complete answer at the link above.

Which Switch for PROFINET

Whichever one you want. But there are pros and cons. Read them in this article.

What’s in a (PROFINET Device) name?

Names are magic for PROFINET. Read all about them here.

PROFINET’s Got Class

PROFINET is a classy technology – so classy it took three tech tips to cover it. Start with this one.

PROFINET’s Got Class – in Real Time

More PROFINET class, this time for real-time data.

PROFINET’s Got Class, PROFINET’s Got Class

Did you surmise from the title that this tech tip is about redundancy? It is.

IT Professional’s Guide to Industrial Ethernet

For our friends in IT (and they should be all of our friends), some help in understanding our end of Ethernet.

PROFINET on Switched Networks

Ethernet once had collisions, but not now. See the evolution that allowed PROFINET to be deterministic.

Tech Tip: Suite and Simple Network Management with PROFINET

PROFINET has best in class diagnostic mechanisms which are in short:  ‘suite and simple.’ Leveraging Ethernet for diagnostics.

Tech Tip: Suite and Simple Network Management with PROFINET (Part 2)

Using built-in PROFINET features for diagnostics and Simple Device Replacement.

Tech Tip: Suite and Simple Network Management with PROFINET (Part 3)

PROFINET provides alarms from devices, their modules, and their channels.

Advanced PROFINET Features Pay Dividends: Alarms and Records

It’s about more than exchanging inputs and outputs (cyclic data). See how PROFINET product developers can benefit by using acyclic data.

PROFINET Device Development

Another one for developers. Lots of details and a link to this important document: PROFINET Field Devices: Recommendations for Design and Implementation.


Installing PROFIBUS Terminators

What screws up most PROFIBUS installations? Yes, terminators are frequently ill-done. Put the right things in the right places. Find out how in this tech tip.

Star-Wired Network Led to Grounding Faults

Wait, star should be the right way. Read about doing it wrong here.

How Many Devices on a PROFIBUS Network?

The most popular question about PROFIBUS answered comprehensively here.

A Short Guide to Addressing EMI on PROFIBUS

The title says it all.

PROFIBUS PA Sentiments

Describing the PROFIBUS PA Profile.

PROFIBUS PA Sentiments (Part 2)

Answers the question : What is a Profile Ident Number?”

Four Tips to Extend the Life of Your PROFIBUS Installation

These four tricks require moderate investments and provide solutions to extend the life of a PROFIBUS installation, avoiding downtime and the high costs of urgent troubleshooting and maintenance.


What Are Application Profiles?

Application profiles apply to both PROFINET and PROFIBUS. Think of them as objects.

–Carl Henning