St. Nashville, Boston, Webinar

St. Nashville?  How about St. Louis and Nashville.  We concluded the Nashville PROFIBUS one-day training event and the St. Louis PROFINET one-day training class this week.  Mike A was in Nashville where the schedule was overrun by an hour due to some excellent discussion time.  In St. Louis we actually finished just a little early and the intense discussions seemed to occur after the bar was wheeled in.  We count both ways a success.  One of the things that grabbed people’s attention in St. Louis was the PROFINET integration story – integration of disparate fieldbuses, integration vertically, and integration with other Ethernet applications like vision systems and VoIP (Voice over IP).

Our May PROFIBUS in the Process Industry one-day training event is next week in Boston… well, Cambridge actually.  That’s on Wednesday May 9.  There’s still time to register.  Mike A and I will both be there and hope to see you there if you are close to Boston.

The second webinar in our Industrial Ethernet Basics series is scheduled for May 8.  We had a lot of positive feedback on the first one (if you missed it you can access the archive here).  You can register for the live second webinar here.  There is a number 3 in the webinar series; we just moved it out two days to June 7 to keep the schedule clear for our Gary, IN PROFIBUS class on June 5.