SPS/IPC/Drives Show 2013: PI Booth (Behind the scenes)

You should watch for Monday’s PROFInews North American Edition to see “official” stories from the PI Booth and the show, but only here on the PROFIblog will you find the story behind the story! So here is a peek behind the scenes:

First, to answer the question you’ve been wondering about since my last post: What’s a Gummi logo?

Another way to promote the PROFINEWS App?

Like a GummiBear, but different?

A PROFINET logo made out of gum?

If you guessed the first two, you were right. Here’s a look at both logos and a PROFINEWS App promotional cocktail napkin:

  gummis _and_napkin

And here is Silke from the PI Support Center modeling a logo: Silke_and_gummi_logo

If you could see the PROFINET wall from the back… well, you can see it:


And finally, note my score on the reaction game at the Innovasic kiosk:


[My score has been faked; Michael’s is real.]

You may have noticed that we are promoting the PROFINEWS App. It’s a great way to stay connected to PROFINET and PROFIBUS news. So the next thing you should do is download the app for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

–Carl Henning