SPS/Drives 2008 First Impressions

Day 1.  The show is crowded like always.  The PROFIBUS and PROFINET booth is crowded as well.  Lots of visitors, lots of vendors, lots of users, lots of displays.  The PROFINET wall has 117 devices on it – many more than the 80 some from the last show.

I have not walked much of the show, but safety was everywhere.  Many, many vendors have safety systems and safety buses.  We were one of the pioneers in adding safety over a fieldbus.  And our PROFIsafe display wall is the biggest we’ve done. 

There are not many North American attendees although I have seen Tom Burke from OPC Foundation, Dave Greenfield from Control Engineering, Roy Kok from PTO member Kepware, and a contingent from Comtrol, also members.

Watch for videos coming soon.