SPS 2016: Press Conference

PI also conducted a press conference on Wednesday morning of the show. Look for the details in PROFINEWS.

Here are some additional details not covered in PROFINEWS:

Process Automation

PI has been working closely with NAMUR, the process users’ organization. They are limiting their Ethernet choices to PROFINET and one other. The focus is on technology requirements related to Industrie 4.0 and ease of use. PI is ideally suited to Ethernet in process because of our long history with PROFIBUS PA, the serial fieldbus for process. We are reminded that this is about more than Ethernet as this diagram reveals:


When it comes to FDI, PI has a good working relationship with FieldComm Group (responsible for Foundation Fieldbus and HART). This bodes well for users regardless of the fieldbus they choose. Here was the relevant slide about the cooperation:



I’m encouraged by the continuing effort to add test cases to the PROFINET Tester. It’s free for members to download and use before arriving at the certified test labs. The test labs use the same tester!

Industrie 4.0 Working Group

The Working Group started not by examining technologies, but by creating use cases. Then the technologies are examined to determine how they help solve users’ problems. No technology for technology’s sake!

Next post: PI North America members’ booths.

–Carl Henning