SPS 2012: The PI booth

As usual the PI booth was well done and well attended.  In addition to the reception stand, the presentation theater, and the lounge, the booth sported functional areas for

  • PROFIenergy
  • PROFIdrive
  • PROFIsafe
  • Process including PROFIBUS and PROFINET (and others!)
  • IO-Link

I’ll cover each of those in individual, subsequent posts, but here is an overview of the booth from both main aisles (click for a scrollable panorama):


Alternatively, you can join me for a sub-two-minute walk around the whole booth here:

For a more detailed look around the booth click on an image for the larger version:

The booth was busy all day, every day, although Thursday’s early morning snowfall seemed to delay things a bit.  Speaking of snowfall, I found out it was snowing not by looking out the hotel room window, but by seeing a Tweet from Leo Ploner of the Industrial Ethernet Book.  THEN I looked out the window.  BTW, the hash tag for the show was #sps12 if you want to search Twitter for contemporaneous reporting.

–Carl Henning