SPS 2012: PROFINET Faster

PROFINET was, of course, all over the show, including in the booths of companies that own or sponsor competing Industrial Ethernets!

PROFINET’s theme in the PI booth was that PROFINET does more. It is faster now with 31.25 microsecond update times, but there’s a lot more to PROFINET. Like the only Industrial Ethernet with released products for energy management (PROFIenergy), comprehensive functional safety (PROFIsafe), process connectivity, drive application profile (PROFIdrive), and more.

There were many products on the PROFINET wall, including one from GE Intelligent Platforms.

GE has newer PROFINET products too; check out the announcement in PROFInews North American Edition.

The display of PROFINET speed at SPS was the same as that at Hanover Fair earlier in the year. Here is that video showing PROFINET speed:

For more details (including another video), visit the past post How Did PROFINET Get a Speed Upgrade. And for a shorter look, visit the MinutePROFINET YouTube channel for a series of one minute videos that includes all the means PROFINET uses to achieve determinism. Especially look at the “PROFINET Fast” video!

–Carl Henning