SPS 2012: PROFIenergy

PROFIenergy is a big deal. It’s one of the really big benefits of using PROFINET. Products have been available for some years now and they are starting to appear in very large projects in the automotive industry. At the PI press conference Michael Lebrecht of Daimler presented their ongoing project using PROFIenergy. During the Q&A session he was asked what he had to do to convince his vendors to use PROFIenergy. The gist of his answer: “It’s a requirement.” Fortunately for his vendors they already use PROFINET and adding PROFIenergy to a device is just a firmware update. (We see similar vendors in North America. And we remind them that PI North America is available to help them add PROFINET and PROFIenergy.) As if to reinforce the vendors adding PROFIenergy, the booth featured a KUKA robot in the PROFIenergy “analogy.”

So this segment is called “I’ve got no strings…” Well, actually, it’s a marionette with strings. But I was reminded of the song from Disney’s Pinocchio. Our marionette does not lie though (note the size of his nose). Our marionette is PI-nocchio! Anyway, here’s the video. Memorize the key to his activities at the beginning to understand what’s happening.

Why a puppet, you might ask. Here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop: KUKA make robots for the automotive industry. KUKA uses PROFIenergy. KUKA is based in Augsburg. Augsburg is also known for… (wait for it)… puppets. So that’s Augsburg you see in the background of the video.

And here is the non-puppet PROFIenergy video:

–Carl Henning