Social Media in Technology Markets

Emerson is a PI North America member and Jim Cahill is their prolific blogger and social media guru.  At the General Assembly Meeting, Jim presented an engaging overview of the breadth of social media.

Since his keynote was right after lunch, he started with an informative, high-volume, high-energy video on trends from YouTube.

I was startled to see the breadth of sites included in the social networking universe.  Jim included the usual suspects like blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but also included some I had not considered: SlideShare, YouTube, and Amazon among them.  Amazon?  I buy lots of different stuff there and I always read the reviews before selecting something to purchase.  Ah, the reviews make it “social.”

Young people (like me) are generally up-to-date with social media, but I confess to picking up some pointers from Jim’s presentation.

And, oh by the way, you can follow me on Twitter, catch up on LinkedIn, view videos on ThePROFIblogger YouTube channel, and coming soon to other social networking locations near you.  And speaking of following me on Twitter, I’ll be tweeting (as it’s called) from the Cleveland PROFINET one-day training class today.

–Carl Henning