Six Profinet Highlights

Profinet provides one network for all applications: factory automation, process automation, and motion control. Although, there are many benefits to using Profinet, let’s focus on six of them:


During commissioning, maintenance, or when an error occurs, it is necessary to obtain an overview of the plant or machine status in minimum time. The integrated Profinet diagnostics allow you to quickly call up the exact plant and machine information you need, no need for an engineering tool. This ensures constantly high availability.

Energy Management

With PROFIenergy, PI was the first organization to develop an energy management profile. Besides the acquisition of energy data, the main feature of PROFIenergy is the ability to easily switch off portions of machines and plants in aa controlled manner during pause intervals. This enables energy saving up to 60%


Profinet is unique in how it combines maximum performance with maximum openness. With cycle times as fast as 31.25 microseconds, Profinet can meet any requirements and also allow unrestricted transmission of standard data. This gives Profinet the performance it needs to meet future application requirements without difficulty and thus increase productivity.


Security is taking on an ever-increasing significance in the increasingly networked automation world. Machines and plants must be protected by suitable measures. PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) is making an important contribution to this e.g. by subjecting devices to intensive security test during the certification process


In conventional solutions, the interface of moving plant parts is frequently associated with wear and high costs. With Profinet, slip rings and training cables are now a thing of the past. The seamless integration of Industrial WLAN  enables real time communication even for fail-safe application and thus paves the way for new concepts.


PROFIsafe is PI’s global standard for fail-safe communication. Together with Profinet, PROFIsafe is a reliable and cost-effective safety solution. Standard safety-related communications run on one cable, thereby significantly reducing cabling, additional hardware, and engineering effort.

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