Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money, or justifying an Industrial Internet of Things project with PROFINET because we like the technology.

Dilbert has been known to say, “We’re technology driven.”  But that does not resonate with the owners and their managers – whether the “owners” are stockholders or private individuals. Those folks’ mantra will be some form of “Show me the money.” This always reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr. as Rod Tidwell in Jerry McGuire, 1996, saying “Show Me the Money!”

No ROI, no approved project.

The topic was taken up in a recent UK magazine in an article titled Securing a return on investment from IIoT. It begins, “Suboptimal performance in safety, reliability, production and emissions is causing industrial manufacturers significant operational losses every year.” It goes on to examine details and justification.

But for a practical approach on applying PROFINET in IIoT, see my previous post, 7 Steps to IIoT.

–Carl Henning