Secret PROFINET and PROFIBUS Meeting

This meeting is so secret that we have a link to it at the top of the PI North America home page. <smile> But it is an exclusive, members-only meeting. (If you are not a member, you probably should be; join here.)

The meeting is the 19th annual PI North America General Assembly Meeting. I’ve been to 18 of them – most of them as an attendee. I’ve been coordinating the meeting program since 2005 when I joined PI North America. The program is always a challenge. Last year a speaker cancelled the day the meeting started. I did find a replacement in time. (I always have a Plan B.)  We have an excellent program this year too if I do say so myself – even if there’s a last minute speaker defection.

Why should anyone attend the meeting?

News. There will be technical news from the Working Groups – what has been done, what’s in the works. A marketing update for 2013 and marketing plans for 2014 is also scheduled.

Stories. Users will tell of their use of PROFINET and PROFIBUS. It’s always interesting to hear of their business problem solved, how the technologies helped, and maybe some watch-out-for’s.

Network. Person-to-person networking is always a highlight of the meeting. Meet potential partners, potential customers, and potential competitors. The atmosphere is always cooperative as even competitors unite around a common cause.

Press. Editors from all the automation trade press will be there. It’s a great chance to get to know them and let them know what is happening with your products and company.

The registration deadline has passed, but here’s a little secret: we always hold a few seats for the procrastinators – you know who you are. So now is the time to register; we can’t hold these seats for much longer.

–Carl Henning