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Secret Algorithm

I’m finally back in the office from an extended east coast trip with lots of news from the events along the way.  Our secret algorithm for computing actual attendance vs. registrations has to be revised.  We’ve had more people attend than expected too many times now.  Make no mistake – we are happy to have this “problem.”

PROFINET one-day training event in Richmond.  The completed Course Evaluation forms are always an interesting read:

“Very enjoyable class!”

“Excellent job overall!”

“This was very helpful.  In the field there is a lot of Ethernet terminology used in a casual manner.  This clarified a lot for me.  I felt the instructors have a good knowledge of many manufacturers.  That’s helpful because it is so rare that I walk into a plant using only one manufacturer.”

“Instructors were very knowledgeable.”

Of course the comments are not all sweetness and light.  We also appreciate the constructive criticism.  In general, attendees wanted more information on process and less on motion control, for example.  We spend a lot of time talking about CBA, Component Based Automation, our peer-to-peer integration method.  We received some good suggestions on improving that portion which we’ll adopt in the next event (New York/Newark – and don’t forget we have a late addition to the schedule in Silicon Valley).


PROFINET Developer Workshop in Boston.  It is always good to see the increased interest in PROFINET by device manufacturers.  Those who were there are now armed with the information they need to get started adding PROFINET to their devices.


PROFIBUS one-day training event in Columbus.  Mike A reports almost 100% attendance in Columbus, OH with attendees coming from OH, IN, PA, and WV.