Safety Road Report

We interrupt this series on the General Assembly Meeting, to talk about the one-day training classes.  Seems I haven’t had a chance to talk about recent PROFINET classes in San Jose and Kansas City and I’m headed out to Cleveland now for another one.

We continually tweak the classes based on attendee feedback.  Few people seemed interested in PROFIsafe and functional safety over the network so we reduced our coverage in the one-day training classes.  Now we are getting all kinds of questions about it.  Is networked functional safety finally coming to North America?  (Not a rhetorical question; feel free to leave a comment.)  When we shrank the training class PROFIsafe footprint, we created a webinar to make up for it.  It’s archived for you to view at your convenience.  You will find a little more information on the PROFIsafe webinar and a link to registration here.

BTW, we had to close the registrations for Cleveland because we ran out of space.  (I can still sneak you in if you just show up – call it a PROFIblog special.)  We still have PROFINET one-day training classes left this year in Denver, Toronto (also closed), Montreal, Dallas, and Detroit.  There are a couple of PROFIBUS classes left, too. (Full list of free PROFIBUS and PROFINET one-day training classes.)

These really are training classes, not marketing spiels.  A few comments from recent classes:

Good information to first time user.

I liked the quizzes and door prizes for keeping things interactive and me awake.

The instructors were having fun so the audience had fun learning.

Good job covering information for people without any knowledge and those with 30 years’ experience.  Demos and having equipment manufacturers present was great.

Thanks again for a great class!  I thought it was very professional and high-quality all the way around.  It was very well organized.  Even more amazing, it was free!  I felt that it met or exceeded the quality level I would expect from an expensive paid training course.

I hope to see you in a PROFINET class and Manny hopes to see you in a PROFIBUS class!

–Carl Henning