Nov 5

Marketing Flyer: Drives & PROFIdrive

PROFINET, the 'Industrial Ethernet' communication system based on standard Ethernet, combines with the PROFIdrive drive profile, which has already been used successfully with PROFIBUS for decades, to form the basis for an extremely high-performance and future-proof drive technology.
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Jul 31

PROFIdrive Slide Set

An excellent resource, the PROFIdrive Basic Slide Set gives a comprehensive overview of the PROFIdrive technology.
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Aug 5

PI Image Brochure

Our organization is the most effective in the world, and our technologies are backed globally by all major automation vendors. Our solutions can help your plant meet and exceed its targets. Our twin networking protocols PROFIBUS & PROFINET are world-class technologies, designed to support the most demanding manufacturing environments, and deliver real business benefits.
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Jan 1

2020 PROFINET ODTC Presentation

Thank you for attending one of our PROFINET one-day training classes! Simply input the email address you used to register for the class under "Been Here Before?" and click "Check". You will be able to download all the slides from the class, including links and videos.
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