PTO General Assembly Meeting Forecast

Here in the Scottsdale offices of the PTO, we are frantically completing the last minute stuff that must be done for next week’s General Assembly Meeting.  Everyone is in the office this week which is an uncommon occurrence these days.  The final agenda is set.  We have four half-day themes: reports, marketing, PROFINET, and the buzzword session (wireless asset management safety).  “Reports” sounds dull, but these are definitely not.  We’ll hear reports on PI strategy and on new initiatives, in addition to reports on activities.  We actually kick off on Monday with the PROFIsafe Developer Class.  Tuesday brings the conclusion of the Developer class, the PTO Board of Directors meeting, and the PROFIsafe User Overview class, capped off by the Welcome Reception.  The informal networking at the pool and bowling tournaments are always a highlight.

If you’re coming to the meeting, the extended weather forecast is for highs in the 90’s.  Yes, just the 90’s!  You’ll have missed our 10-year high of 118 set last week.  Meeting room temperature will be a constant 72.  This is close to freezing for us Arizonans.  I’ll be wearing my long-sleeved PTO shirts.

If you’re not coming to the meeting, look for updates here on the PROFIblog and perhaps from members of the press who will be in attendance.

If you’re not coming to the meeting, but really want to, give us a call – we might be able to sneak you in.