PTO General Assembly Meeting Coming Up

After last year’s web meeting, we’re back to normal in 2010 with an in-person meeting.  Since we couldn’t celebrate our 15th anniversary with all our members last year, we decided to celebrate our Sweet Sixteen this year.  So, PTO members, click over to the General Assembly Meeting 2010 page for details and a link to registration.

Since I’m a big fan of using social media, I was happy that we have Jim Cahill of PTO member Emerson to provide our keynote.  I know our other members will benefit from Jim’s presentation.  There will be lots of PROFIBUS and PROFINET news, too, of course.

If you wonder what we do at these things, you can review my report from our last live meeting: PTO GAM Report 2008.

If you are not a member of PTO, but are a user of PROFIBUS and PROFINET, with a story to tell – we still have a slot open for a user application story.  I would love to hear from you at carl [dot] henning [at] profibus [dot] com.  Yes, it’s usually hot in Arizona in the summer, but I guarantee we’ll have temperatures in the 70’s for you… in the meeting rooms.

–Carl Henning