PTO General Assembly Meeting 2008

Automation World’s Process Automation Newsletter today reprised an article from the magazine’s October issue: “Fieldbus Reigns in Process Control.”  I liked the article when it first came out; I even blogged about it then.

 A quote from the article:

Plant managers at the water plant in DeKalb Country, Ga., learned about the benefits of fieldbus networks quickly when they installed Profibus in their new water plant. They were so pleased with the results, they retrofitted two existing wastewater plants with the fieldbus. “It makes your life easier,” says Merat Zarreii, F&T Division manager at the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management in Stone Mountain, Ga.”

Is there a connection between the article, the quote, and the PTO General Assembly Meeting?  Yes, indeed.  Merat will be presenting an expanded version of his experience with PROFIBUS at the GAM.