I love to talk about PROFINET.  I’ve discovered that I’m even happy to talk about PROFINET if there’s a camera running.  We now have two YouTube channels that you might want to subscribe to: PROFItelevision and PROFIblogger.

Here’s a five-minute introduction to PROFIenergy from PROFItelevision:

Here’s a slightly longer video, a summary of PROFINET benefits:

We thought about breaking this one into three pieces to correspond to the three benefit categories.  This one is a little long, but I was afraid we would lose continuity if we broke it up.  What do you think?

I wrote the script for both these videos.  For PROFINET Benefits I fell back to earlier training to limit the number of points to three.  Perhaps you’ve heard a minister preach a three-point sermon.  Of course, in my preaching days, I was happy to successfully preach a one-point sermon.  But preaching about PROFINET called for more points!

I’m just as happy to be behind the camera as for the videos on The PROFIblogger Channel, but the benefit of doing the more professionally produced videos on PROFItelevision is the people:

Dieter Staniczek behind the camera (and doing post-production)

Silke Glasstetter from the PI Support Center producing, running the teleprompter, and project managing

Désirée Lamatz, the professional in the group who knew what to say, where we should be, and made sure we really did make a professional video.

Here we all are working on PROFIenergy, with me in the Alfred Hitchcock pose:

–Carl Henning