UPDATED: As soon as I hit “Publish” the app appeared!  Get the iPad version here and the iPhone version here.

The PROFIblog provides a platform for behind the scenes looks and the occasional opinion, not just news. Today we have a mixture of behind the scenes and news… PROFINEWS. We’ve been working on a news app for iOS and Android quietly for over a year now. Next week marks its official debut. Next week was chosen for the debut because we wanted something else to be thankful for in America… and something else to show off at SPS/IPC/Drives Show in Germany.

The app does not replace the emailed/web-resident newsletters; it supplements them. The international edition and PROFInews North American Edition will both continue their monthly publication. We were afraid when we jumped from bimonthly to monthly there would be a dearth of articles. Boy, were we wrong. We have more application stories, more new product announcements, more member news, more videos, and more training announcements than ever before. Now we’re ready for the next jump: PROFNEWS app stories will be published as soon as they’re available – so, much more frequently.

Frequent PROFINEWS app updates will start from the SPS Show in Nuremberg next week. So attend vicariously with those of us who will attend physically. We plan photos and videos… and lots of news. The Twitter feed should be active, too: @AllThingsPROFI. I always plan to blog from the show… actually ‘plan’ is too strong a word; I ‘hope’ to blog from the show. The days (and nights) are too busy to write much. So, I usually catch up with blog posts on the long plane ride home. But here’s the good news: the tweets and blog posts should appear in the app. Only one place to look for everything you want to know about PROFINET and PROFIBUS! And I think that’s one of the huge benefits of the app.

Watch for the official release. Until then, here’s a sneak peek at the one-minute introduction:


–Carl Henning