PROFINET Wins, Organization Expands, PROFIenergy Products

Lots of news from PI today:

PROFIBUS and PROFINET by the numbers
I hate to get too wrapped up in node counts, but here are the installed nodes through 2009:
PROFIBUS 31,400,000 (5,400,000 in the process industries)
PROFINET 2,100,000
PROFIsafe 850,000
Press Release: Healthy growth for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

The only thing these numbers really mean is that PROFIBUS and PROFINET are safe bets – widely-adopted and still growing.

PROFINET wins the market share battle
Expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) now through 2013:
Ethernet/IP +7.1%
Modbus/TCP -0.4%

EtherCAT’s current market share is 4%, part of the “other” category I previously blogged about, saying the generalization is one-third PROFINET, one-third Ethernet/IP, and one-third “other.”

Press Release: IMS Research Estimates Top Position for PROFINET

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Organization expands
The PROFIBUS and PROFINET organizations around the world are independent regional organizations that join PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International) as Regional PI Associations (RPAs).  PTO is the RPA for North America.  RPAs have recently started in India and Spain, bringing the number of RPAs to 27.  No other organization approaches this level of global support.  We also have PI Competence Centers (PICCs) to provide more technical support.  There are over 40 of those.  No other organization even has the concept of Competence Centers.

Press Release: Successful start of new RPAs in India and Spain

PROFIenergy products
Today’s announcements included the release of the first PROFIenergy products.  The spec itself was completed on-time in January.

Press Release: PROFIenergy – Next step

Other News
Certification Fee is waived for PROFINET products for PTO members.  The mandatory certification testing of PROFINET products will benefit users; waiving the certification fee will benefit manufacturers.
Field testing of PROFIBUS PA Profile V3.02 is in progress.  This profile allows users to substitute one manufacturer’s device for that of another manufacturer without doing any configuration.
IO-Link – Fit for the future with the elimination of the consortium’s entry fee.

–Carl Henning