PROFINET – There’s a Lot to Know

As frequent PROFIblog aficionados probably know, I’m a big fan of the Course Evaluations from our free PROFINET one-day training classes.  In Louisville last week the results were typical: the course length was right, the training manual was good, and the instructors were great, so said the filled in circles on the machine-scored form.  But I especially like the verbatims.  “Verbatims” is survey-speak for open comments.  This one caught my attention:

Know Profinet

It says “I honestly did not know there was so much to know about Profinet.”  This comment right under the question where the student indicated he was already using PROFINET!

PROFINET is indeed a comprehensive Industrial Ethernet for factory, process, and motion.  And with a depth of features that is unrivalled.  I especially like the diagnostics capabilities because they translate to uptime.  For more about PROFINET, visit our most-visited webpage, the PROFINET Technology page.

Or come experience the free one-day training class for yourself; we have four cities left to visit this year.

And we’ve started our list of 16 cities to train in in 2016:

  • San Diego CA
  • New Orleans LA
  • Bay Area CA
  • Kansas City MO
  • Greenville SC
  • Oklahoma City OK
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Milwaukee WI
  • Cleveland OH
  • Boston MA
  • Nashville TN
  • Houston TX
  • Detroit MI
  • Jacksonville FL
  • Portland OR

Watch the website or subscribe to PROFINEWS for specific dates.

–Carl Henning