PI North America uses social media, including

You are probably using some of these also, and we hope to connect with you in one or more of these places.

But we also like an old technology – RSS. Imagine if there was a technology that automatically delivered new information from your favorite websites to you, perhaps right to your email inbox. That’s RSS.

RSS_logo This symbol indicates the availability of an RSS feed.  If you click it in your browser, you will probably get instructions on how to add that feed.

There are two ways to access RSS feeds: a dedicated RSS Reader and Outlook. Just do a web search for “RSS Readers” and you will get many results. But here at PI North America we prefer getting our RSS feeds directly into Outlook. That way we can forward them when appropriate. And it’s one less program to run; one less place to check. Microsoft has instructions on adding RSS to Outlook: Subscribe to an RSS Feed.

The RSS feeds for PI North America are: