Continuing where we left off , here is a report on the last two short keynotes – these from Endress+Hauser and Phoenix Contact.

Endress+Hauser is well-steeped in PROFIBUS technology, having started in the Working groups in 1991. Now they are active not just in the Working Groups but in many of the Regional PI Associations (RPAs) around the world. In fact, they have employees on the Boards in several RPAs besides ours. Back in my Wonder years on the board, I served with a number of E+H Board members. At the international PI meeting in 1999, I met Klaus-Peter Lindner of E+H who was in that Working Group back in 1991 and has been on the Board at the German RPA since 1993. After 1999, I kept seeing him at trade shows in Germany and South Africa. And still do. E+H also has a PI Competence Center and a PI Training Center.

Mike Rothwell of Phoenix Contact provided the perfect conclusion to the mini-keynotes. First, he provided examples of some of PROFINET’s benefits: scalable, uses TCP/IP, flexible, functional safety, energy efficiency, diagnostics, and openness. Then application examples: automotive, wind energy, transportation, water treatment, and shipbuilding. Finally, that conclusion:

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There are many more sessions to tell you about. Check back soon.

–Carl Henning