PROFINET iPar Server – Overview and Description

Aside from the mandatory characteristics in each PROFINET device, PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) defines a list of optional features. These features are not required in all PROFINET devices; nonetheless, they can provide tremendous added value. This post describes one of those PROFINET optional features: the iPar Server. Since this feature is optional, users must check with their device manufacturer to confirm availability.

PROFINET iPar Server

Aside from the parameters defined by the GSD file, some devices require additional configuration. They require dynamic parameters (iParameters) for device and plant-specific data. For this purpose, manufacturers offer additional tools to assign iParameters to devices. The iPar Server function allows vendor-neutral loading of iParameters optimized for the specific installation as well as automatic archiving.

iPar Server PROFINET PROFIsafeiPar Servers automatically save (upload) and restore (download) iParameters. If a device is replaced, the iPar Server restores the parameters in the new device. iPar Servers are often associated with PROFIsafe. In that case, an iPar Server can significantly speed device replacement. If a safety component is replaced, the iPar Server restores the dynamic parameters in the new device (including dynamic safety parameters).

The iPar Server functionality is implemented on the controller side. The iPar Server can be used by any field device or module. Such devices are called “iPar-Clients”.

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-Nelly Ayllon