PROFINET – Most Installed, Fastest Growing

According to a new market study by MarketsandMarkets, PROFINET is “the most popular automation network.” And fastest growing.

It’s good to have independent confirmation of what I expected all along. Here at PI North America we see increasing numbers of students at our free one-day training classes and the fee-based PROFINET Certified Network Engineer classes. The PI Test Lab at the PROFI Interface Center is very busy testing PROFINET products. We needed to add Developer Workshops due to the demand for help adding PROFINET to automation devices. And we are fielding more phone calls from device makers seeking assistance in adding PROFINET. We devoted a full issue of PROFINEWS to developers. But these are all anecdotes and anecdotes are not data. So it’s good to have a market report based on data.


You can read MarkeetsandMarkets press release.

–Carl Henning