PROFINET Fuddy-Duddy

A fuddy-duddy is someone who is old-fashioned and conservative almost to the point of eccentricity or geekiness. I fail to see how old-fashioned and geekiness can be used in the same definition. But I just used “fuddy-duddy” because it sounds interesting and it contains “FUD.”

FUD, you may recall, stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Creating it is what companies do when they can’t win an argument based on actual facts. I’ve had a number of posts with “FUD” in the title over the years. Because a lot of FUD was being spewed about PROFINET. I thought maybe those days were past, but apparently not. My clue was that I noticed consistent traffic to posts from 2007 that contain detailed refutations of FUD. Due to moving the blog several times, some of the links were broken, so I just fixed them. The number of nodes referenced are out of date now of course. For example, PROFIBUS nodes stand at 48,000,000 installed. PROFINET has passed EtherNet/IP in nodes installed and is growing faster (according to a recent IMS Research study). The underlying facts are still facts though.

If you are encountering misinformation about PROFINET, you may want to visit these two posts:

FUD Dissection Part 1

FUD Dissection Part 2

I eventually got so tired of the negativity of FUD, that I created a new acronym: FCN. FCN stands for Facts, Certainty, and No-doubts. So, for the FCN of PROFINET, visit (also from 2007):

Responding to FUD with FCN

-Carl Henning