PROFINET Diagnostics Rock

Day one of the PI North America General Assembly Meeting sessions concluded with PROFINET presentations: one on diagnostics and one on the net load test tool.

To open his session with a “wow,” Hunter Harrington of the PROFI Interface Center (PIC) reminded us of the importance of diagnostics… on a starship, with an edited version of:

Of course, he then moved on to the importance of PROFINET diagnostics for automation systems.

He presented the diagnostics in a new and unique way. Of course, PROFINET builds on PROFIBUS diagnostics where messages are presented when there is a problem with a device, a module in a device, or a channel on the module. Add to that leveraging IT protocols like SNMP and LLDP for network diagnostics. Hunter presented this and more in the context of a project lifecycle. Look for details in next year’s PROFINET one-day training classes.

Hunter also provided a look ahead to the coming results of ongoing work. The big news there is work to provide an integrated diagnostic environment including Process applications and PROFIenergy. In the meantime, next month will see the release of Diagnosis for PROFINET IO – Guideline for PROFINET (available in draft form now for PI members). Its intended audience is makers of PROFINET devices and software.

Concluding, with PROFINET diagnostics you can “line long and prosper.”

Next time, the remaining sessions.

–Carl Henning