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PROFINET Development Tools

How did it get to be three weeks since the PI North America General Assembly Meeting ended?!  It was an exciting time and probably featured the best presentations in memory.  (And my memory goes back to the very first one in 1995!)  Over the next couple posts, I’ll fill you in on what you missed.

We ended the meeting with a presentation on the PROFINET development process and brief introductions to the tools of the eight providers in attendance plus even briefer introductions to three who were not there in person.  If you did not attend the General Assembly Meeting you missed this session, but fear not, we have resources for you online:

1. If you are thinking about adding PROFINET, but have not started yet, check out the white paper “Why It’s Time to Move to PROFINET.”

2. When you are ready to start adding PROFINET, review the PROFINET Development Process webinar and the brochure “The Easy Way to PROFINET – North American Edition.”  The brochure provides a review of the development process and information from development tool providers.  (European and Japanese versions are available in the downloads section.)

3. For the guided tour, follow the Device Maker role on

–Carl Henning