PROFINET Developer Workshop

Our first PROFINET Developer Workshop is now history (for about 4 hours).  The hotel did not get the word to increase the seating, but they quickly corrected the situation before anyone arrived. Whew!  We had seven tool providers show device manufacturers how easy it is to add PROFINET to their products.  We had inadvertently left out two other PTO members who also provide tools; we’ll be sure to include them next time.  It was amazing to see the range of choices available – from customized services to drop-in products.

The seven tool providers:

   Hilscher North America, Inc.

   HMS Industrial Networks, Inc.

   Real Time Automation

   Siemens Energy & Automation

   Softing North America

   Grid Connect, Inc.

   Woodhead Industries

Most of the presenters I’ve known for quite a while due to my past association with PTO.  (I was on the Board of Directors from 1994 into 2000.)  Although one presenter I just met today.  At the other end of the spectrum was Hans-Werner Auberg.  We’ve known each other since our mutual Wonder years way back when.