PROFINET Classes, Quantitatively Speaking

We finished our second free PROFINET one-day training class on February 18 in Birmingham. The first one was earlier in February in San Diego (see PROFINET – Not Pregnant Enough in San Diego). I posted some results from the course evaluations in San Diego, but those were qualitative. With two classes done, I decided to look closely at the quantitative.

First question: What was your overall impression of the course?


69% said “Outstanding.”

The time frame for the course.


94% thought it was “just right.” For reference, the course runs from 8:30am to about 3:30pm with mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks and an hour lunch. Now to be fair, the ending time depends on the number and complexity of the students’ questions. Larger classes end later than smaller ones.

We ask how the instructors handled questions and their level of technical knowledge. Instructor technical knowledge:


How well did the instructor handle questions?


100% thought that instructor technical knowledge was good or better. 77% thought question handling was “outstanding.” The instructors include Torsten Paulsen and/or Hunter Harrington from the PROFI Interface Center (PIC) and Carl Henning and/or Michael Bowne from PI North America.

Our takeaway from this is that we are doing a good job, but there is always room for improvement. We hope to see you in one of these classes and you can rate the class yourself!  See the list of cities, dates, and venues on our one-day training class page. We hope to see you in one of these. (Sadly, not in Houston next week, unless you are already registered; we had to close registrations when they hit 185.)

–Carl Henning