Where PROFINET Has Boldly Gone

September 8 marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek’s premiere. I admit that I am a complete fan, especially of ST:TOS (or, for the non-cognoscenti – Star Trek: The Original Series). Back then I was a fan of all things science fiction; now I’m just a fan of some things science fiction. (Yes, “some things” include the Star Trek reboot movies.)

Fifty years ago I looked at ST:TOS and in addition to the science I saw a diverse crew confronting contemporary topics.

Now I am part of a diverse crew that supports PROFINET. Name a region, religion, ethnicity, or language and they are represented by my colleagues around the world. Our five-year mission (er, extended mission) is to take PROFINET boldly into the future.


Now I look at a Jefferies Tube and feel sure there must be green cable running through the conduits. That’s not that farfetched – US Navy ships today have green PROFINET cable running through them. (Green was kind of a theme in ST:TOS. Mr. Spock was green-blooded after all.) As a complete aside: my oldest son is named Jeffrey. His naming had nothing to do with the Jefferies Tube… as far as my wife knows.

In conclusion, with PROFINET it’s easier to live long and prosper.

–Carl Henning