PROFINET and Big Data

All that big data has to come from somewhere.  And PROFINET delivers it. But what is Big Data? Herewith some quotes from the IEEE Computer Society magazine Computing Edge, May issue:

“Integrating heterogeneous datasets is essentially what distinguishes big data from traditional data manipulation and analytic tasks.” [Qiang Yang, “Cross-Domain Data Fusion”]

“Nonoccurring behaviors (NOBs) – those that should happen, but don’t for some reason- occur in many applications. Little research has examined NOBs because of the challenges posed by analyzing behaviors that don’t actually take place.” [“Using Analytics to Make Sense of Data”]

Finally, just for the pun of it: “Space is big. Really, really big. And the data involved with space exploration and the related sciences that are in NASA’s purview are… astronomical.” [Seth Eaarley, “Really, Really big data – NASA at the forefront of Analytics”]

If you are a member of IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society you may already get the Computing Edge magazine and many other IEEE magazines and Transactions. If you are not a member, you should be. I’ve been a member since my student days and am now a Life Senior Member.

Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things are huge concepts, of which Big Data is a well-known part. But PROFINET plays a small, but essential role in the overall scheme of things.

–Carl Henning