PROFIBUS News from SPS/IPC/Drives 2011

PROFIBUS keeps on keeping on.  We are expecting to exceed 40 million installed nodes through 2011.  This is quite a contrast to the ads hanging on the wall in the office where we brag about exceeding 250,000!


PROFIBUS is far and away the most successful fieldbus and still energetic in its maturity.  The PROFIBUS PA wall in the PI booth highlighted PA Profile 3.02 which allows replacing a failed instrument with one from another manufacturer.  Plant Asset Management also had an exhibit on the wall to show how maintenance information can be received and acted on.

PROFIsafe had a wall of devices again.  PROFIsafe is another mature technology with over 10 years of history.  It works on drives, process instruments, and discrete devices… on PROFIBUS and PROFINET… over wire, fiber, or wireless.  You will find much more about PROFIsafe here on the blog by clicking the PROFIsafe tag and at

More news from the SPS/IPC/Drives Show to come…

–Carl Henning