PROFIBUS is dead; long live PROFIBUS

As excited as we are with the success of PROFINET, old reliable PROFIBUS continues to grow, too.  Last week in Indianapolis we had a PROFIBUS one-day training class.  With 127 in attendance this was one of our larger classes.  We had to bring in extra seats at the last minute – our magic formula failed (the one we use for determining how many people will register for a free class, but not be able to make it).

The course evaluations are always interesting.  In Indianapolis we had the usual number of folks who thought there was too much detail in one place and not another.  These are usually offsetting.  One attendee, an integrator, really understood what we were trying to do: “Perfect level of detail for an intro with great options for where to go for more info.”

The next class is over the border in Cincinnati, Ohio with PROFINET on June 23.  Hopefully some of those folks that we teased with information about PROFINET in Indianapolis will drive over to hear more about it.  For the full class schedule visit our one-day training class page (they’re free, you know).

–Carl Henning