Over 100 fill the room in Pittsburgh for PROFIBUS training

Manny and Mike were in Pittsburgh for the PROFIBUS one-day training class.  Here’s Manny’s report:

Last Wednesday’s PROFIBUS Training Class in Pittsburgh marked our largest PROFIBUS class of 2009.  Over one hundred people packed the room at the Hilton to learn about the latest developments in PROFIBUS technology.  Even though we did not quite have the great weather that Austin did.

Everyone in the audience was very engaged throughout the day and was extremely interactive with the vendors.  I came across several people during the breaks who were taking what they had just learned to the next level by getting more hands-on information from the vendors.  In my opinion, that is exactly how this training is supposed to work.

There was a great deal of vendor participation at this seminar and it really added to the event.  It was fantastic to see attendees taking advantage of all the knowledge in the room.  I have always found that to be the key to these sessions.  Getting the real-time feedback and materials from the vendors gives attendees the full package.  Not only do they receive the information from the presentations, but they can go back to their respective companies with options and solutions.

As I was thumbing through the feedback forms two comments in particular really struck me as summing up the day:
“I came with very little knowledge of PROFIBUS, and left with a much greater understanding.  Good combination of basic and advanced information.  Thank you!”
“Very informative.  I have never used a bus system before – now I know some of the capabilities and options that are available using this type of technology.”

There were also many comments and questions about PROFINET.  I am thinking that we need to set up a PROFINET class for the Pittsburgh area in early 2010.

I had many attendees asking about referring their colleagues to attend this training.  As promised, here is the training schedule for May:
May 6, PROFINET, Jacksonville
May 14, Process, Newark
May 21, PROFIBUS, Salt Lake City