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Back to the PROFINET, Part 2

When Marty McFly time travels to October 21, 2015, he finds all kinds of futuristic stuff that wasn’t around for him in 1985: bovver boards, self-lacing shoes, automatic clothes fitting, and more.  Alas, we don’t really 192148-the-back-to-the-future-series-martys-hoverboardhave that futuristic stuff on the real October 21, 2015.  But at least the first two of those are being worked on.  And, on the flip side, the movie’s writers completely missed smart phones… and PROFINET.

Even if they had envisioned PROFINET, you wouldn’t see it in the movie.  PROFINET is relegated to the behind-the-scenes manufacturing of hover boards and self-lacing shoes.  So PROFINET is not visible in the movie, and it struggles for visibility in the Industrial Internet of Things.  But in the IIoT it plays a foundational role in getting the data, contributing to uptime, and doing it with an open standard.  This 15-minute video ties all that together (except for the hover board part):

–Carl Henning

P.S. The movie also predicts that the Cubs win the 2015 World Series. That’s still a possibility in the real 2015.