PNNA12 and the eighth time is the charm

PROFInews North American Edition, issue 12 (PNNA12) publishes beginning tonight.  One of the highlights is the initial schedule for our one-day training events.  We just concluded some meetings to finalize the content for 2007.  I’ll update the information on the web in a week or so.

But first, the PROFIblog will go silent for a week.  Mr. and Mrs. PROFIblogger are taking an anniversary trip to Hawaii.  The Mrs. is gently suggesting that the computer be left behind.  We’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’ve been promising this trip at every anniversary… especially those ending in five or zero.  The eighth time is the charm.  (To clarify the math: 5 times 8 = 40.  Our fortieth anniversary.  I’m not old; we married as teenagers.)

Average high in Hawaii is 80 degrees.  I need to go somewhere warm.  Apparently in divine retribution for me breaking my resolution and bragging about the warm temperatures here in Scottsdale, it got really, really cold here – record-setting, below-freezing cold.  Brrr.

Finally, not that you should necessarily read this article (which is not on the web yet), but you gotta like the way it starts: “The physicist John Archibald Wheeler advised that ‘in any field, find the strangest thing and explore it.’  Accordingly, we explore the strangest thing about software – that it ever works at all.” [“The Strangest Thing about Software” in the January issue of Computer]