Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso

“Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso” is not only the opening lyric to one of my favorite songs; it’s where I’ll be on January 24 – to conduct a PROFINET one-day training class, of course.

We’ve updated the PROFINET class for 2012 to include new PROFINET features, new demos, new products, and new application stories.  We’ve also added a section on the transition from PROFIBUS to PROFINET.  Through that transition you can keep your existing PROFIBUS; after all, you already made that investment, PROFIBUS is a great bus, and it’s easy to include it in a PROFINET system.

So if you’re in west Texas or “the badlands of New Mexico” or “south of the border down Mexico way” I hope to see you in class.  Details and a link to registration are here.  And maybe you provide directions to “Rosa’s Cantina” for me.

Off-topic explanation of the referenced lyrics: El Paso by Marty Robbins starts “Out in the west Texas town of El Paso.”  Released on his Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs album in 1959, it was the first album I ever bought.  Since then I’ve bought it on cassette and CD, but now the MP3 plays as I write this.  Short version of the story: cowboy falls in love with Mexican girl in Rosa’s Cantina, shoots rival, escapes to “the badlands of New Mexico,” and returns to an unhappy ending.  You can catch it on YouTube naturally.  South of the BorderDifferent song.

–Carl Henning