MinutePROFINET, the Backstory

Have you seen some of our MinutePROFINET videos? Maybe you should subscribe to the MinutePROFINET Channel; almost 1,000 people have.

If you had you would have been alerted to the latest video- MinutePROFINET: Adding PROFINET to Devices:

This one is, of course, of special interest to makers of automation devices like PLCs, DCSs, I/O, drives, and vision systems. But the rest present general information about PROFINET. And you can view them in sequence using this playlist.


The MinutePROFINET “Studio”

MinutePROFINET started 5 years ago this month with a borrowed, non-HD camera. We were not sure this would catch on. It did. To the tune of 4,000 to 5,000 views per month! Where did the idea come from? We stumbled across a channel called Minute Physics and thought, hmm, this could be adapted to PROFINET. So Michael has taken enthusiastic ownership of MinutePROFINET – writing the scripts, assembling the equipment, drawing the symbols, writing the words, doing the narration, editing the video (he speeds it up – he can’t really draw and write that fast even after several cups of coffee).

When it’s time to get acquainted with PROFINET or time to review what you know, watch the MinutePROFINET videos. You can subscribe to find out about new ones or follow us on Twitter.

–Carl Henning