Google was 10 years old yesterday.  PROFIsafe celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, too.  The Working Group was formed 10 years ago this month.  Now with over 410,000 nodes installed through last December it’s the most prolific of the safety over a fieldbus technologies.

Next year Dilbert will be 20!  And the first PROFIBUS user organization (Germany) will also be 20.  The organizations in the US (PTO), Sweden, UK, and Switzerland will celebrate 15 years.  (I’m proud to have been on the PTO’s founding Board of Directors way back then.  Oh, and the Executive Director then, as now: Mike Bryant.)

I’m spending the weekend at home – in between travel from Long Beach (PROFIBUS in the Process Industries) and Louisville (PROFINET).  In Long Beach we had a great group – lots of really good questions.  I’ll cover some of them in the next day or so.  If you are anywhere close to Louisville, come on down; it’s not too late to register.  How close is close?  Well, one attendee in Long Beach drove 7 hours to attend and he said “thank you guys very much for offering such great training sessions; I would love to attend any future classes.”  So if you’re driving more than 7 hours to Louisville be sure to let me know at the class!