LinkedIn Tweeting Facebook

Last fall I went a little crazy about social media in industrial automation.  I felt there was not enough time to do all that stuff.  But now that there are automation and mainstream comics about it, it must really have arrived.  I really like this cartoon at  The gray-haired, balding boss behind the big desk says: “We need to attract young engineers to take the place of upcoming retirees.  My grandkids keep talking about something called a We(?), their facebook pages and following tweets.  As near as I can tell, we need to figure out who ‘we’ are, get that book, and start bird watching.”  Speaking of birds, check out these B.C. comic strips.  I especially like the pun in the May 27 strip.

I have the hairline of the boss in the cartoon… and the grandkids.  But I also have a Wii (where my Mii has that same hairline), a Facebook page (but I just use it to keep up with the grandkids), and I tweet on twitter.  You can follow me on Twitter at (although I’m kind of at a loss as to why you would want to).  I’m also on LinkedIn.  (But you have to register to see my profile.)

As I examine the Tweeters on Twitter, I see editors and bloggers, but not many users.  I guess there is still not enough time for all that stuff.

No more time to blog, tweet, or Link In now.  Time to get stuff ready for the Vancouver PROFINET class and Grand Rapids PROFIBUS class.