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Leavin’ on a jet plane…

Unbelievably, my first business trip of the year starts Wednesday as I head for Kansas City.  If you are near there, I hope to see you at the PROFINET one-day training event there.  (Please register so we get an accurate count for lunch.)

Now, jumping into the Wayback Machine… when I found out I would be starting at Wonderware in marketing back in the early 90’s it occurred to me that I was not really sure what marketing meant.  Yeah, I had had the title, but this was the legendary Wonderware I was headed to.  So I grabbed Guy Kawasaki’s book Selling the Dream.  Now I follow his blog and on this jet plane trip I’ll be reading his recommended report on “trends in the way consumers, publishers, and advertisers employ digital media to have a conversation with each other.”  Visit Guy’s blog and download the report for your own look at new ways to have a “conversation.”