ISA EXPO – sunshine in Houston

The sun shined today in Houston!  And visitors flocked to the ISA EXPO.  The aisles were crowded especially near the main entrance.  There were more people than I expected and not all of them had exhibitor’s badges.  So either I set my expectations too low, the crowds looked bigger because it was a small space, or maybe, just maybe, there was a good crowd.  I thought it unusual for the opening day. 

I stopped by the ProSoft booth where they were between surges – seemed like they were having a good show so far.  Read the report from their setup day on the ProSoft blog. 

My colleague setting up the AS-i booth had an easy time except for one minor detail: the exhibit company forgot to ship the booth.  So an exclusive truck got it to the hall overnight and a 6:00am start with a much larger than normal crew had it ready when the show opened.  Not recommended for the faint of heart.

The motion control session this morning where I presented motion control with PROFINET and Joe Biondo presented SERCOS III did have attendees – 4 of them.  I guess motion control at what is still a predominantly process show is not the most popular topic.